Top 10 Weirdest US State Laws

We all know each each state has their own state laws which can be unique and strange sometimes. We often think if these laws are true or why would they implement these laws because it’s something you would not experience everyday.


Anyway, here are some of the weirdest State Laws in the US that you probably didn’t know:

#10 Pronunciation is everything

In Arkansas, the most mispronounced state in the US, it’s technically illegal to mispronounce the state’s name within the state. The law hopes to protect state heritage for it’s the French pronunciation of a native word which means Land of Down River People.


#9 A pillow for your lap

In Seattle, it’s illegal for a woman to sit on a man’s lap on a bus without first placing a pillow between them. The gender specifics are hilarious and may presumably mean that men can sit on any lap they want unpillowed.


#8 One beer only

In Hawaii, it’s illegal for anyone to have more than one alcoholic beverage in front of them at any one time. This law can protect you and your buddies from unwanted hangovers. Don’t expect many trips to the bar, too.


#7 Burgers are not for sharing

In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to take a bite from another person’s burger. It’s a restaurant rule to make sure that we only get what we paid for. This doesn’t extend to fries and drinks which can still be shareable.


#6 Only sober moose please

In Alaska, an act of feeding alcoholic beverages to a moose is considered a criminal offense even though there are incredibly rare chances of doing so.


#5 Strictly missionary

In Florida, any sex position other than missionary is considered inappropriate and illegal. The state of Montana also has a similar law and North Carolina has a lengthened version.


#4 Smoking is not a monkey business

In Indiana, it’s illegal for anyone to force a monkey to smoke. This law was implemented due to an incident in 1924 when a monkey was convicted for smoking.


#3 Sex with small animals only

In West Virginia, it’s legal for a man to have sex with an animal as long as that animal doesn’t exceed 40 pounds in weight. This strange rule aims to regulate bestiality but it leaves smaller animals such as sheep and dogs to be an option for men.


#2 Third Time Unlucky

It’s illegal to have more than 2 dildos in any household. Apparently owning two sex toys is fine and acceptable.


#1 Shoeless while sleeping

In North Dakota, it’s illegal to fall asleep while wearing your shoes especially when lying down. It’s rule rarely enforced with conviction but to be safe, it’s best to always wear your laces loose.

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